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Soccer (Futsal) Winner

What a great time everyone had at the first ever indoor Soccer (Futsal) Tournament. There was lots of participation and some intense soccer played. The championship game came down to the “Gray’s” team against the “Barcelona” team from Round Valley. The Gray’s won 5-4 after a double overtime. Congratulations.

Team members were Ben & Blake Gray, Hannah, Jake & Caleb Isaacson, Joe Mangum, and Aneron Winters

Basketball Tournament Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the basketball tournament:

          Damion Farr, Jace Jackson, and Konner Lee

Junior & Senior Rodeo Winners

Junior Rodeo All-around Cowboy – Jason C.2015 All-Around Jr. Rodeo

Junior Rodeo All-around Cowgirl – Khye S.

2015 All-Around Jr. Rodeo girl

Senior Rodeo All-around Cowboy – Brennon Overson

Senior Rodeo All-around Cowboy – D’coda Overson

2015 All-Around Rodeo Winners - Oversons

Thank you to all the rodeo participants. We have had a good time watching all of you this weekend. We hope some of our visitors were able to get into the rodeo also and join in the fun. Hope to see all of you back next year.